GTA 5 Weapons List

Below, you will find a complete list of the weapons available in GTA 5. You will also find the type of weapon they are, their availability, and their cost in thw game.

The Weapons of GTA 5

Name Image Category Availability Cost
Advanced Rifle gta 5 Advanced Rifle Assault Rifle Base $3150
Assault Rifle gta 5 Assault Rifle Assault Rifle Base $1400
Bullpup Rifle gta 5 Bullpup Rifle Assault Rifle High Life Update $Free
Carbine Rifle gta 5 Carbine Rifle Assault Rifle Base $2100
Special Carbine gta 5 Special Carbine Assault Rifle Business Update $Free
AP Pistol gta 5 AP Pistol Hand Gun Base $Free
Combat Pistol gta 5 Combat Pistol Hand Gun Base $600
Heavy Pistol gta 5 Heavy Pistol Hand Gun Business Update $Free
Pistol gta 5 Pistol Hand Gun Base $Free
Pistol .50 gta 5 Pistol .50 Hand Gun Special & Collectors Editions $Free (Only available in the Special and Collectors editions)
SNS Pistol gta 5 SNS Pistol Hand Gun Beach Bum Update $Free
Stun Gun gta 5 Stun Gun Hand Gun Base $90
Vintage Pistol gta 5 Vintage Pistol Hand Gun I’m Not a Hipster Update $3381
Firework Launcher gta 5 Firework Launcher Heavy Independence Day Special $
Grenade Launcher gta 5 Grenade Launcher Heavy Base $7290
Minigun gta 5 Minigun Heavy Base $13500
RPG gta 5 RPG Heavy Base $6500
Homing Launcher gta 5 Homing Launcher Heavy Festive Surprise $165000
Combat MG gta 5 Combat MG Light Machine Gun Base $3000
Gusenberg Sweeper gta 5 Gusenberg Sweeper Light Machine Gun Valentine’s Day Massacre Special. This is longer available for downloads. $
MG gta 5 MG Light Machine Gun Base $2700
Antique Cavalry Dagger gta 5 Antique Cavalry Dagger Melee I’m Not a Hipster Update $Free
Baseball Bat gta 5 Baseball Bat Melee Base $Free

Name Image Category Availability Cost
Bottle gta 5 Bottle Melee Beach Bum Update $Free
Crowbar gta 5 Crowbar Melee Base $Free
Golf Club gta 5 Golf Club Melee Base $Free
Hammer gta 5 Hammer Melee Special & Collectors Editions $Free
Knife gta 5 Knife Melee Base $90
Nightstick gta 5 Nightstick Melee Base $90
Grenade gta 5 Grenade Projectile Base $135
Jerry Can gta 5 Jerry Can Projectile Base $25
Molotov gta 5 Molotov Projectile Base $Free
Sticky Bomb gta 5 Sticky Bomb Projectile Base $360
Tear Gas gta 5 Tear Gas Projectile Base $135
Proximity Mine gta 5 Proximity Mine Projectile Festive Surprise $1000
Assault Shotgun gta 5 Assault Shotgun Shotgun Base $1350
Bullpup Shotgun gta 5 Bullpup Shotgun Shotgun Special & Collectors Editions $Free
Heavy Shotgun gta 5 Heavy Shotgun Shotgun Last Team Standing Update $
Pump Shotgun gta 5 Pump Shotgun Shotgun Base $2000
Sawed Off Shotgun gta 5 Sawed Off Shotgun Shotgun Base $300

Name Image Category Availability Cost
Musket gta 5 Musket Shotgun Independence Day Special $
Heavy Sniper gta 5 Heavy Sniper Sniper Rifle Base $9500
Marksman Rifle gta 5 Marksman Rifle Sniper Rifle Last Team Standing Update $
Sniper Rifle gta 5 Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle Base $5000
Assault SMG gta 5 Assault SMG Submachine Gun Social Club membership $Free
Micro SMG gta 5 Micro SMG Submachine Gun Base $850
SMG gta 5 SMG Submachine Gun Base $1300


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