GTA Shark Cards

gta shark cards

Ask any GTA Online enthusiast, and they will tell you that earning or acquiring money is one of the hardest things in the game – and it takes away all the fun. But now, thanks to the innovative minds at Rockstar, there’s a relatively easy and fair option that any ambitious player can take advantage of.

Welcome to the world of Shark Cash Cards.

What are GTA Shark Cards?

Do you remember the concept of “project $10” back in the days of DLC? Shark Cash Cards use the same idea to improve the experience of GTA Online players by allowing them to win currency or tangible prizes. The player, however, has to make a small investment to qualify for a reward. When done correctly, players can rake in lots of money and other prizes.

The Shark Cards are used to buy items which then give the player’s built-in account a monetary boost.

Those against the use of Shark Cash Cards in GTA Online argue that they give the buyers an unfair advantage over other players. However, Rockstar has balanced the prices of these cards in such a way that the game supports both the non-buyers and Shark Card buyers equally.

Types of GTA Shark Cash Cards

The amount of monetary boost you get depends on the type of Card you purchase: the more expensive the card, the more the money deposited in your account. There are various types of GTA Shark Cards, outlined below.

  • The Red Shark – This boosts the player’s account by $100,000.
  • The Tiger Shark – This boosts the player’s account by $200,000. The Tiger Shark is five dollars, less than double the price of the Red Shark card, thus making it a better deal.
  • The Bull Shark -$500,000
  • The Great White Shark – $1,250,000
  • The Whale Shark – $3,500,000
  • The Megalodon – This has the biggest value. It grants the player a boost of $8,000,000.

Why Are Shark Cash Cards Important?

Some players may criticize the use of Shark Cash Cards in GTA, but the cards are turning out to be an important part of the game. The cards seek to offer value for the player’s time. By adding money to the in-game account, the player achieves more in less time. Why for instance would you play for 5 hours instead of paying $5 for the same outcome in two hours?

Besides, the sale of these cards helps develop the game further to make it more fun. Figures indicate that Shark Cash Cards alone raked in more than $500 million in profits against GTA’s budget of $265 million. So, even if you’re not using the cards, the proceeds from the cards could as well be the reason you’re enjoying all the recent updates for free.

The Bottom Line

If you want to be a big shark in GTA, it’s time you started using Shark Cash Cards. After all, the bigger the shark, the more the predators it can chase. And by the look of things, the cards are here to stay so the earlier you embrace them, the better.

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