The Six Biggest GTA 6 Rumors: Location, Characters, & More

gta 6 rumors
Brace yourself. GTA 6 is coming! The rumors started circulating when Rockstar President Leslie Benzies gave a hint that the game could very well be in its early stages of development. Benzies was quoted saying in an interview with Develop “we don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.”

While the details about GTA 6 are scanty, there are speculations as to how the game will most likely look like. Here’s what to expect.

1. Introduction of a Female Protagonist

Industry players believe that Rockstar will bring in a strong female protagonist in GTA 6. This would address the criticism that previous have games have faced for their representation of women. There has not been a female lead since Catalina in GTA 3.

2. A New Location

One of the most anticipated features of GTA 6 is a brand new location. So far, there are only three neighborhoods in GTA; San Andreas, Liberty City, and Vice City. It’s about time the game has a new location. In would be intriguing to explore cities such as Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia or New Orleans for instance. There are even rumors that have Rockstar attempting to recreate the entire US with the new game.

3. A Story Line Revolving Around Multiple Cities

A new location in GTA 6 will make a great addition to the game. However, a story set across two cities would be even better. Reports indicate that the new game may revolve around two cities, thanks to the power of devices such as PS4 and Xbox One. And, with capabilities today’s gaming laptops and PCs the opportunities are endless. It is also possible that Rockstar will launch a graphically enhanced version of the game for Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 consoles.

4. More Vehicle Variations

While GTA 5 reintroduced bicycles, it is very likely that GTA 6 will have a better vehicle variation. We might see the introduction of skateboards and roller blades to traverse the San Andrea’s terrain and boulevards.

5. More Variation of Side Jobs

GTA 6 might continue with the multiple-protagonist theme which will make side missions more relevant. The side quests may increase in the new game. The side missions that you undertake may also come with a little more variations. In other words, the side missions of each character will be like subplots especially in the lower-tiers storylines.

6. Better Houses, Shops, and a More Interactive City Population

While GTA 5 is big in scale compared to other GTA games, it isn’t necessarily interactive. The new game, however, is expected to give you more outside missions as you drive through the San Andrea’s terrain. The residents of GTA 5 are quite an amazing lot, but their level of interaction could increase in the new game to bring in a feel of realism.

With all the speculation around GTA 6, it will indeed be an intriguing game worth looking forward to. Rockstar has remained tight-lipped as to when the game will be released. However, experts speculate that the company will make the official confirmation in 2018 or 2019. When this happens, GTA 6 may be available for sale as soon as 2020.


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