GTA 5 Shotaro Bike Featured in New “Tron-ish” Deadline Mode

gta tron bike
Break out the Tron soundtrack because Rockstar has just released one of the most original and compelling updates yet with GTA Online: Deadline.

“Turn the streets of Los Santos into a stylish electronic videogame battle to the death with the latest update to GTA Online. Achieve hyper speed on the futuristic Nagasaki Shotaro and demolish foes with the power of your light trail in the new Adversary Mode, Deadline.”

The two biggest features of GTA Online: Deadline is the new Nagasaki Shotaro bike and Tron-like racing mode. In order unlock the bike, you’ll need to take part in a deadline race and head over to Legendary Motorsport. Once you reach the dealership, you’ll need to throw down a whopping $2,225,000 for the bike.

In the new Deadline racing mode, you’ll be pitted in a 4-player death race. Each racer will get a different colored Shotaro. Now here’s where it gets interesting. Each Shotaro leaves a neon trail that will obliterate your opponent from the race track. Along the way you’ll be able to pick up power ups to help you decimate your foes.

The update also some very expensive Tron motorcycle suits and a new Premium Race called “Over the Bridge” where players will travel over freeways and docks.

Check out the video below for all the glorious GTA 5 Tron action:

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GTA 5 Shotaro Bike Featured in New Tron Deadline Mode
Rockstar has just released one of the most compelling updates yet with GTA Online: Deadline featuring the Shotaro light cycle and deathmatch race mode.
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GTA Central

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