GTA 5 The Wrap Up Mission Cheats and Walkthrough

These cheats and walkthrough will show you how you complete The Wrap Up in GTA 5. In this mission, Michael, Franklin and Trevor are ambushed at the Merryweather security team, Kortz Center by FIB and IAA agents. They must survive and escape.

The Wrap Up Mission Walkthrough

  1. Meet up with Dave
  2. Using the balcony, escape the Kortz Center.
  3. Shoot and kill the pilot and then the rogue agents.
  4. Get to the courtyard downstairs.
  5. Defend Dave.
  6. Follow Dave to the parking lot and jack (any) car.
  7. Lose the enemy helicopter (blow it out of the sky!)
  8. Go to Morning Wood

Continue to the Lamar Down mission.

Go back to Predator mission.

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  1. I loved San Andreas and the whole story and general game play I think every other gta after it is a waste of money S.A set the bar so high that no other game comes even close to its qiatuly BUT once gta five comes out I think this will be the number one gta game but it would never have been possible without S.A to pave the way for it R* qiatuly genius

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