GTA 5 The Third Way Mission Cheats and Walkthrough

These cheats and walkthrough will show you how you complete The Third Way in GTA 5. In this mission, Franklin, Michael and Trevor must fight off the troips of Merryweather and FIB. Then hunt down and murder Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, Stretch and Devin Weston.

The Third Way Mission Walkthrough

    1. Go to Franklin’s then Lester’s.
    2. Head to Lamar’s to pick him up.
    3. Go to the foundry and find Michael and Trevor
    4. Wait for the Merryweather men to come inside and then start firing
    5. Go outside as Franklin to help Lamar
    6. As Michael, get to the guys on the ground and kill them then find Trevor
    7. USe all your characters to wipe out the remaining Merryweather Mercs
    8. Once they’ve all left, head back to the waypoint
    9. Take out your four targets

The Third Way Targets

      • Stretch: find him in the rec center and use the sniper rifle
      • Steve Haines: find him near the ferris wheel and shoot him
      • Wei Cheng: head to the hotel and take out the cars Wei Cheng and the gunmen are getting into
      • Devin Weston: from the perspective of Trevor, drive to the front gate and either take the security out quietly before getting to Devin or go psychotic and have the biggest shootdown of your game! Once the security is dead, head to the pool to end Devin’s life

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