GTA 5 Missions Walkthrough, List and Guide

This GTA 5 walkthrough and mission guide includes a list of all the 69 main or “story” missions in Grand Theft Auto V. You must complete all of these GTA V missions in order to beat the game. This mission walkthrough provides a description of how to complete every mission in GTA 5. Our GTA 5 walkthrough is for all platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3.

GTA 5 Walkthrough: Main “Story” Missions

    1. PrologueIn this scene, set in 2004, Trevor, Michael and Brad are robbing a bank in North Yankton when officers arrive. Their SUV is destroyed while trying to escape and the men must flee on foot.
    2. Franklin and LamarIn this mission, Franklin and Lamar must repossess two high end sports cars and return them to Simeon’s.
    3. RepossessionIn this mission, Franklin and Lamar must repossess a green motorcycle for Simeon Yetarian.
    4. ComplicationsIn this mission, Franklin must break into Michael’s to repossess Michael’s son’s car
    5. Chop: In this mission, Lamar and his dog (Chop) want to earn some extra cash and helps Franklin track and kidnap a Ballas member called D.
    6. Father/Son: This mission involves Michael and Franklin saving Michael’s son, Jimmy, from gangsters who stole Michael’s yacht.
    7. Marriage CounselingIn this mission, Michael discovers his wife is being unfaithful to him by sleeping with the tennis coach, Kyle Chavis. Franklin and Michael track down Chavis.
    8. Daddy’s Little Girl: In this mission, Michael has to rescue his daughter Tracey, from a boatride where she is planning to exploit herself on TV.
    9. Friend Request: In this mission, Michael and Jay Norris must infiltrate the Lifeinvader offices to hack the latest prototype phone and plant a bomb.
    10. The Long Stretch: In this mission, Franklin and Stretch team up over a business deal and get ambushed. They must escape the Ballas and cops.
    11. Casing the Jewel StoreIn this mission, Michael and Lester scout out a jewelry score in Little Portola for a heist.
      1. Carbine Rifles
      2. Bugstars Equipment: steal an exterminator van from Bugstars Equipment
      3. BZ Gas Grenades:  steal a van with gas grenades from BZ Gas Grenade.
    12. The Bus AssassinationIn this mission, Franklin has to pick up random people from bus stops while driving a bus until he kills the right person.
    13. The Jewel Store JobUsing rooftop access and air vents, Michael and Franklin must rob a jewelry store.
    14. Mr. Philips: In this mission, Trevor takes over Blaine County’s Meth business and murders members of the the Lost Motorcycle Club.
    15. Nervous Ron: In this mission, Trevor is asked by Ron to get revenge for the Lost MC destroying Ron’s property by killing members and stealing arms.
    16. Trevor Philips Industries: In this mission, Chef, a meth manufacturer, is being attacked by the Aztecas and needs Trevor’s help.
    17. Crystal MazeIn this mission, Trevor must destroy a rival meth dealer’s lab.
    18. Friends Reunited:  Trevor has to go to the trailer park to detonate sticky bombs and then meet his friend  Wade.
    19. Fame or Shame: In this mission, Michael and Trevor must prevent Tracey from auditioning for the reality show Fame or Shame.
    20. Dead Man Walking: In this mission, Michael must confirm Mr. K is dead and in the morgue and then escape IAA agents from a building.
    21. Construction AssassinationIn this mission, Franklin has to clear out a construction site and escape before the cops arrive.
    22. Hotel Assassination: In this mission, Franklin must act as a hitman and take out a target for Lester Crest, a guest staying at a hotel in Richman.
    23. The Multi-Target Assassination: In this mission, Franklin must target four corrupt jurors and kill them all in a set timeline.
    24. Hood Safari: In this mission, Franklin, Trevor and LAmar fight an ambush on Grove Street after a drug deal with the Ballas goes wrong
    25. Three’s Company: In this mission, Michael, Trevor and Franklin must get Mr. K from the IAA.
    26. By The Book:In this mission, Franklin must torture MR. K as Trevor and Michael  set out to assassinate Tahir Javan.
    27. Did Somebody Say Yoga?: In this mission, Michael takes a Yoga class with his wife and then goes on a drug run.
    28. Scouting the Port: In this mission, Trevor scouts out the location of a possible heist involving military hardware on a ship.
    29. MinisubTrevor must steal a yellow submarine off a freighter
    30. Cargobob: In this mini-mission, Trevor must steal a Cargobob helicopter.
    31. The Merryweather Heist: In this mission, Michael and Franklin rob the Merryweather freight of a high-tech device.
    32. Blitz Play: In this mission, Trevor and Franklin want to rob a government security truck.
      1. Masks: Trevor and Michael must buy masks at Vespucci Beach.
      2. Boiler Suits: Trevor and Michael need to buy boiler suits at Ammu-Nation
      3. Trash Truck: Trevor and Michael need to steal a trash truck
      4. Tow Truck: Trevor and Michael must steal a tow truck
    33. I Fought the Law…In this mission, Michael, Trevor and Franklin must steal an Entity XF and a Cheetah for Weston from trustfund kids.
    34. Eye in the Sky: In this mission, Franklin and Trevor must steal a Z-type from Chad.
    35. Deep Inside: In this mission, Franklin must steal a JB 700 from a movie studio.
    36. Pack Man: In this mission, Franklin, Trevor and Lamar must drive a Packer to a drop-off point near Paleto Bay.
    37. Fresh Meat: In this mission, Franklin must rescue a kidnapped Michael, who has been taken by TRiad members and is being tortured in a meat packing warehouse.
    38. Surveying the Score: In this mission, Michael, Franklin or Trevor (you can switch perspectives), scope out the Union Depository.
    39. Bury the Hatchet: In this mission, Michael (with the help of Trevor), have a disagreement and Trevor confronts Michael about who is buried at Michael’s in North Yankton. This goes back to the North Yankton heist that failed nine years before.
    40. Mr. Richards: In this mission, Michael must convince an actor and director in Richard’s film to return to production.
    41. The Ballad of Rocco: In this mission, Michael must kill Rocco Pelosi after his accomplish attacks Soloman Richard.
    42. Caida Libre: In this mission, Michael and Trevor are assigned to kill Javier Madrazo and capture a package, by shooting down his plane.
    43. Minor Turbulence: In this mission, Trevor attempts to rob a plane of a large cache of weapons.
    44. Paleto Score Setup: In this mission, Michael and Trevor scout out the Paleto Bay Bank and its security and police.
      1. Military Hardware: In this mission, Michael must take down a convoy with a sticky bomb.
    45. The Paleto Score: In this mission, Trevor and Michael attempt to rob a bank vault for $444,206 to help finance a raid on a research facility.
    46. Derailed: In this mission, Michael and Trevor attempt to rob a train with mysterious cargo.
    47. Monkey Business: In this mission, Trevor and Phillips must break in (underwater) to a facility to steal a neuro-toxin terrorists are plotting to use.
    48. Hang Ten: In this mission,Trevor must purchases the Vanilla Unicorn strip club after killing Floyd and his girlfriend.
      • Cleaning out the Bureau: In this mission, Michael must steal the identity of a janitor to prepare to break into the FBI.
      • Reuniting the Family: In this mission, Michael has to reunit with De Santas and then reunite the family of Dr. Freidlander.
      • Architect’s Plans: In this mission, Franklin must plant bombs in the FBI building for Michael later to use.
      • Predator: In this mission, Michael and Franklin must kill the O’Neil brothers.
      • The Wrap UpIn this mission, Michael, Franklin and Trevor are ambushed at the Merryweather security team, Kortz Center by FIB and IAA agents. They must survive and escape.
      • Lamar DownIn this mission, Franklin must save Lamar from the Ballas.
      • MeltdownIn this mission, Michael must first attend the premier of Meltdown and then rescue his family that has been attacked by the Merryweather agents.
      • DrillerIn this mission,  Michael stealers a driller (chopper) to gather the best personnel and criminals for his heist.
      • SidetrackedIn this mission, Michael must drive towards the railroad yard and use a sniper rifle to take out the workers at the control tower.
      • The Third WayIn this mission, Franklin, Michael and Trevor must fight off the troips of Merryweather and FIB. Then hunt down and murder Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, Stretch and Devin Weston.
      • The Bureau Raid: In this mission, Michael must infilitrate the FBI building and steal a harddrive.
      • The Big ScoreIn this mission, Trevor, Michael and Franklin must rob four tons of gold bullion from the Union Depository Tower and then successfully escape.


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