GTA 5 Eye in the Sky Mission Cheats and Walkthrough

These cheats and walkthrough will show you how you complete Eye in the Sky mission in GTA 5. In this mission, Franklin and Trevor must steal a Z-type from Chad.

Eye in the Sky Mission Walkthrough

  1. Go to the front desk of the police headquarters.
  2. Use the stairs to get to the roof and get on the LSPD helicopter.
  3. Fly to where Franklin is and scan him.
  4. Scan the targets in Hawick.
  5. Find Chad Mulligan’s parked car by tracking him.
  6. Keep the camera on the Z-type that Chad gets away on. This will help Franklin to Chad
  7. Find where Chad is hiding.
  8. Kill or leave Chad and take the car to the airport.

Continue to the Deep Inside mission.

Go back to the I Fought the Law… mission.

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