GTA 5 Characters Guide and List

Here is a list of all characters in GTA 5, featuring the three main characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin! Need to know about all the individual characters in GTA 5? Come here for names, info, and more about the characters in GTA 5!


GTA 5 Main Playable Characters

There are three main characters that the player can assume the roles of during the story mode of GTA 5: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Each of these three GTA characters have their own specific skill sets and finances that you as the player can build on and develop.

Name Bio Skill Appearance
Michael De Santa Ex-bank robber, husband, and father with a witness protection deal for the FBI. “Bullet-time”: slow down time in a gunfight Michael_thumb
Trevor Philips Trevor is a crazy ex-military pilot and trailer park druggie. “Frenzy Mode”: double the damage during attacks Trevor_thumb
Franklin Clinton Franklin is a repo-man and former street gangster that works for a luxury car dealer. Slow-motion driving Franklin_thumb

Other GTA Characters

Along with the three playable characters, there are countless other significant characters in Grand Theft Auto.

Name Bio  
Amanda De Santa Michaels wife and former stripper.
Ashley Butler A Lost MC member and meth addict.
Aunt Denise A feminist who lives with Franklin.
Bradley Snider A prisoner who used to help Trevor and Michael with heists.
Casey A Gruppe 6 Security Guard who takes part in a heist.
Chef Works in Trevor’s meth lab cooking meth.
Chop Franklin’s pet rottweiler.
Clayton Simmons A Lost MC member.
Cris Formage A leader for the Epsilon Program.
D A thug and friend of Franklin’s.
Dave Norton An FIB Agent who gave Michael the witness protection deal.
Devin Weston The incredibly wealthy CEO of Merryweather Security.
Dr. Isiah Friedlander Michael’s therapist.
Fabien LaRouche A yoga instructor.
Ferdinand Kerimov A spy that Trevor, Michael, and Franklin released from captivity from the IAA.
Floyd Hebert Floyd is Wade’s cousin.
Harold Joseph Franklin’s friend and ex-convict.
Johnny Klebitz The leader of the Lost MC motorcycle gang.
Kyle Chavis Amanda’s (Michael’s wife) tennis coach.
Lamar Davis Another repo man and Franklin’s coworker.
Lester Crest Michael and Trevor’s go-to tech guy during heists.
Martin Madrazo A Mexican druglord. Michael is in debt to him.
Molly Schultz A lawyer for Devin Weston.
Ortega Member of the Azteca gang.
Ron Jakowski Trevor’s neighbor and assistant.
Simeon Yetarian Franklin’s boss at the car dealership.
Steve Haines An undercover FIB agent.
Tanisha Jackson A gold-digger and Franklin’s ex-girlfriend.
Tao Cheng His father is the leader of the Triad gang.
Terrence Thorp Member of the Lost motorcycle gang.
Tracy De Santa Michael’s daughter.
Wade Hebert Trevor’s helper.
Wei Cheng Leader of the Triad gang.

Side Mission Characters

These characters offer side missions for the player to assist them with apart from the main storyline.

Name Bio
Abigail Mathers A woman that believes the police killed her husband.
Barry A politician campaigning on a grass roots platform.
Beverly Felton A paparazzo.
Cletus Ewing A gun-loving hillbilly.
Dom Beasly An adrenaline junkie.
Hao The man to get in touch with if you want to street race.
Joe and Josef Two men that really dislike immigrants.
Josh Bernstein A struggling real estate agent.
Lacey Jonas A movie star.
MaryAnn Quinn A fitness addict.
Maude Eccles Hands out bounties to Trevor.
Nigel Thornhill British tourists.
Pamela Drake A movie star that is not longer famous.
Tonya Wiggins One of Franklin’s old friends.

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