GTA 5 Bury the Hatchet Mission Cheats and Walkthrough

These cheats and walkthrough will show you how you complete Bury the Hatchet mission in GTA 5. In this mission,Michael (with the help of Trevor), have a disagreement and Trevor confronts Michael about who is buried at Michael’s in North Yankton. This goes back to the North Yankton heist that failed nine years before.

Bury the Hatchet Mission Walkthrough

  1. Meet Weston and Molly at the construction site
  2. Dress Michael and Trevor as highway patrol
  3. Go to the gas station on the Senora Freeway
  4. Challenge the kids to a race
  5. Have Michael and Trevor pull them over
  6. Force the kids from their cars and return the stolen vehicles to the auto repair shop

Continue to the Mr. Richards mission.

Go back to the Surveying the Score mission.

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