GTA 5 Achievements and Trophies Guide and List

This is a guide on how to get every Achievement and Trophy in GTA 5 for PS3 and Xbox. Follow this GTA V achievement and trophy guide and list for a full walkthrough with tips and hints on everything you need to do to unlock all the achievements and trophies in Grand Theft Auto 5: San Andreas.

GTA 5 has 49 Achievements/Trophies for a total of 1000 points.


  • While the majority of GTA 5 Achievements are unlockable through Single Player, a good amount are only unlockable through Multiplayer online.
  • All achievements will be temporarily disabled when you are using cheats. Reload your saved game or restart your PS3 or Xbox to disable cheats and be able to unlock achievements again.


GTA 5 Achievements/Trophies List:

Achievement Gamerscore How to Get
Welcome to Lost Santos 10G You will get this when you beat the mission “Repossession.”
A Friendship Resurrected 10G “With friends like this who needs enemies?”
A Fair Day’s Pay 10G You will get this when you beat the mission ”Caida Libre.”
The Moment of Truth 10G You will get this when you beat the mission ”Bury the Hatchet.”
To Live or Die in Los Santos 40G You will get this when you beat the final mission.
Diamond Hard 20G You will get this when you beat the mission ”Jewel Store Job.”
Subversive 20G You will get this when you beat the mission ”The Merryweather Heist.”
Blitzed 20G You will get this when you beat the mission ”Blitz Play.”
Small Town, Big Job 20G You will get this when you beat the mission ”The Paleto Score.”
The Government Gimps 20G You will get this when you beat the mission ”The Bureau Raid.”
The Big One! 20G You will get this when you beat the mission ”The Big Score.”
Solid Gold, Baby! 50G Complete every optional objective for every mission to get a Gold Medal.
Career Criminal 100G View our 100% Game Completion Guide.
San Andreas Sightseer 30G As you explore the game world, the map continues to fill in. Completely fill in the map to get this.
All’s Fare in Love and War 10G Buy the Downtown Cab Co. and complete a VIP fare.
TP Industries Arms Race 10G Buy the McKenzle Field Hangar and complete all jobs.
Multi-Disciplined 30G To earn a Gold Medal in a hobby or a pastime you must complete the objective as well as all optional objectives.
From Beyond the Stars 15G There are 50 Space Ship parts in total, and you need to complete all the Strangers and Freaks missions.
A Mystery, Solved 15G Find all 50 Letter Scraps (pieces of paper that are pieces to a confession letter) to find the killer of Leonora Johnson.
Waste Management 15G Buy the Old Dock property and find all 30 barrels of nuclear waste.
Show Off 30G There are 50 Stunt Jumps in the game. Hit them with a good amount of speed to complete each one.
Red Mist 20G Complete all the Rampages missions for Trevor (they are represented by a skull icon on the map).
Kifflom! 30G Complete all Epsilon tract missions.
Three Man Army 20G Off mission, get Trevor, Michael, and Franklin in the same vicinity and attract a three-star wanted level. Then survive three minutes.
Out of Your Depth 5G Get attacked by a shark.
Altruist Acolyte 5G Drop off a pedestrian at the Altruist cult.
A Lot of Cheddar 20G Earn $200 million dollars and spend it.
Trading Pure Alpha 10G Buy a share of stock and sell it for a profit.
Pimp My Sidearm 10G Buy a weapon and every type of modification from AmmuNation.
Wanted: Alive or Alive 10G Using Trevor, deliver a target to Maude without the target dying.
Los Santos Customs 10G Buy every type of car modification from Los Santos Customs.
Close Shave 20G Fly a plane under all 50 specific bridges.


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